Difficult Global Situation

Three things to do of Today:

01 Finish Linkedin Career Class

02 Sent Emails to Other Company

03 2 hour working on Squit Opera logo change to stay safe.

For me, it is difficult. But the people who love me have give me all the foundation that I need .

I dreamed I become a woman without a face, blooding, painful, scary but.

I could only live once. When I woke up, I touched my face, it is still here integrity.

If there is only one thing could defeat fear (not the virus, of course), it is love.

I know, what I am experiencing is a huge mistake, not only for me, but also for the global,

let us turn this mistake to a huge opportunity.

I know, I will fail again, again, again.

I don’t I prepared enough money, intellectual resource, skills for the upcoming uncertainty,

what I have is only a heart which could embrace all the failure.

If I feel frustrated, touch my face, I still alive, why not happy.