0031_pieces beyond words

Architecture is always frame experience. So I don’t think we are now about to do is any different. Only with theatre architecture, we are asked to is makes that relationship more explicit. The scales and engagement we can have with performance and interaction of us makes a really interesting playground for architects. Audialsense at the…

26.4.2020 Landing

一个好的飞行员最重要的技术是什么呢? 是谁飞的更高吗?应该是谁着陆更稳吧。 当P说你还有很多事可以做,而我和F只能作声音的时候, 他们是已经着陆了吗? 知人者智,自知者明。胜人者有力,自胜者强。知足者富。强行者有志。不失其所者久。死而不亡者,寿。 我觉得,我快醒了。 《羞耻》真是可怕,难道双人舞蹈只有一方牵引另一方这一种可能性吗? 我如何把这种精神投射到VR上? 比如,用VR把心理咨询的场景展现出来,360相机?更高的分辨率?