I met two wizards. One is young, the other one is a senior.


The young man practices light magic. It looks like animating objects, but it is not true. He brings lives to ordinary objects. He used to help a table sing a song, and wake up a piece of wall. He succeeded. More and more objects got their breath and voices, but the wall is still shy to face people and blushes each time.


On the other side, the senior wizard performs dark magic. It generated from the power of eternity, brings peace and calms with the subtlest whisper. He used to freeze a piece of cloud in Littlehampton, it is still there.

He also used to scale-down a whole symphony orchestra in a shell. He keeps the shell in his pocket and travels with it all around the world. When he wants to hear a piece of Mozart or Beethoven, he just needs to put the shell by the ear.


I don’t know what he is up for now, I suppose, he is trying to freeze silence.


What did I learn from the two wizards? Sometimes I think I learnt nothing, I am still unfamiliar with sound. Anyway, sometimes I feel I learnt everything, from their presence.

Now, it stops here, I can’t tell you more. You supposed to know them much better than me, maybe one day, you could share a story with me.


I am seeking for an opportunity to practice my magic in the real world. Don’t wake me up, please! Otherwise, I will blush.