Do you know how difficult it is to say goodbye to my wizards?

My light magic wizard, my dark magic wizard.

I suppose it definitely conceives some special meaning of light and dark when they chose their career (or when I designed their plot).

When one enlights me with creativity, the other one leads me to concrete.

When one pilots me to the sky, the other one provide solid earth for landing.

When one smiles me with all-star in his eyes, the other turn to silent in case I become proud.

They offer me confidence then pride. They teach me simple then baroque.

There are only three things that they shared in my story:

First, they play with sound.

Second, they are real. I don’t know they are acting roles of wizards or supervisors. It confused me for a long time that is the acoustic tale fake, but the emotion is so real. I can’t stop reading the letters that we wrote in the past time. Some lesson takes time to understand I am still could get something fresh and deep in the latest reading.

Third, they love me. (I know, this might be my own wishful thinking. How I wish they would speak it out! Just title it as a general love, I could accept it, rather than suffering.)

Oh, my dear wizard, I suppose you give me a commit as well.

You exile me to the real world to practice, to experience, to grow, you didn’t allow me to come back until I obtained the certification from the ordinary world.

How I hate you that let me graduate from your world! I should not be here! I should under your shelter, keep learning, keep dreaming.

I really hate the two wizards.