Edenic Polyphony_U24

Edenic Polyphony brings together historical research into Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia, and in-depth acoustic investigations, to form a new kind of Operatic Landscape within a charged site in Tartu, Estonia. The film explores the architecture of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise through the eyes of its subjective protagonist and those of its omniscient narrator.
A new concert hall is proposed on the grounds surrounding Raadi Manor – the former venue of the Estonian National Museum, now a scar of the traumatic experiences of the Second World War. Preserving the imposing presence of the ruined Manor, yet revitalising the site, the project proposes an episodic journey through a sonic terrain which, inspired by the spatial particularities of the realms of afterlife, provides design frameworks for contemporary directors and composers to work within.

Jason Flanagan

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