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01 Naowao

 Coming from a film making background, storytelling and conveying emotions through images are the main core of NAOWAO’s work. Colors, lighting, and organic movements inspired from natural organisms are the main aspects of her works.

Having a BA in Film Production and MA in Interior Architecture and Design, Nao has worked in New York City, Netherlands, and in Japan. Projects include music videos, brand concept videos, promotional videos and 3D content design for music events and fashion shows. Clients are from United States, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Thailand and Japan.

She is also a traveler and an adventurer.

02 Marshmallow Laser Feast

03 Oddfellows: AI animations branding

A content agency that solves business problems through the heart and deeply understands the power of feeling to create unforgettable brand experiences.

We help companies bring their brands to life in extraordinary and emotive ways.

04 Vfor Studio (here) : showreal