Reactivating the Barbican

Reactiveating the Barbican is a exploration of gaming the experience of people’s tour path in Barbican, London.

The aim of this project is to develop a new approach to promote communication between different communities and narrative the secrets of these silent space.

A game called Secrete Barbican is designed to connect the forgotten conners scattered around the site. A virtual guide would appear on shopping windows, phones, tablets, TV screens, pictures hunged on walls to guide the visitors and push them to unpuzzle the secrets of Barbican. To join in this game, each visitor has to submit one personal stuff as a ticket. At the end of the journey, no matter how expensive or normal the object is, the “ticket stuff” will be burned to energize the whole setting.

At the end of this game, evidence of this game will burn to ashes, the memory will be kept and the story will continue.

Entire project portfolio can be seen here.